Microsoft Points Generator v2 -Daily Giveaway Evolution

Microsoft Points Generator v2 Released – Giveaway Redone

New Giveaway system has proven to be loved and more popular among the members of Giftcardsbay and for that reason we are continuing to upgrade our giveaways and programs,so we are releasing the new and updated version 2 of the free microsoft points generator . The first version was a success without a doubt , but it was kind of buggy and had that old windows look that some of our members thought was getting worn out . The new version of the xbox live code generator has the new dark user interface with the upgraded process window where you can see what the microsoft points code generator is doing while it load the databases and grants you access. Also the new Auto Updater feature is added providing you an easy updates of the database and now you can actually see when the new databases are released .When the daily giveaway is over the new databases are released and the generator is updated , allowing you a new opportunity to get your microsoft points codes and free xbox live gold codes. 

New Features in the Microsoft Points Generator v2

One of the most noticeable feature the first time you run it is the new user friendly design with the black background , most of our members tell that they prefer it that way instead of the old windows look . One of the new microsoft points code generator that made a lot of positive feedback is the auto updater which saves a lot of time when we update the database and have to inform our members each day that it has been released , this way you can run it and it will automatically update the databases for today , and the only thing left for you is to get the access for specific database you are interested for example microsoft points codes and free xbox live codes. Maybe the most important feature of the new generator that will interest our members is how the giveaways are redone . Now the activity of the member plays larger role in the giveaway and the generator calculates the activity based on likes,shares , tweets and social bookmarks . More about that later in the post , but for now lets see how the new generator looks like and where can you download and join our daily giveaways.

Microsoft Points Code Generator

The new Auto Update Feature for Microsoft Points Generator 2013 v2

Free Microsoft Points Generator

This is the main window of the new Free Microsoft Points code Generator v2

Below you can download it and join our daily giveaways

 Microsoft Points Generator Download v2


Updated: September 2014

Instructions for using the new Microsoft Points Generator 2013

  1. Download from mediafire link above
  2. Run the new Free Microsoft Points Codes Generator
  3. Choose What type of codes you would like to enter the giveaway for , you can choose between free ms points and Xbox Live Gold Codes
  4. Click the Generate Key and let it finish
  5. After that you will be able to get your own MSP Codes Database or Xbox Live Codes Database
  6. Enter the email you wish to get the codes at when the giveaway is finished
  7. Redeem The Codes at official website
Free Microsoft Points Codes

Database for 1600 Microsoft Points Codes.

What is the purpose of generator in the new Giveaway System ?

With the help and feedback from our members we have redesigned the daily giveaway completely , giving the active members an edge over non active ones but still allowing the members who dont have the time to participate on facebook , twitter and other social channels to get the Free Microsoft Points Codes they need.  The tool we created with the help of some of our colleagues which we named after the old popular software but now we use it in microsoft points promotions and its still just a handy tool which allows our members to participate in the daily giveaways . The main purpose of it is to provide a database updates on daily basis for our members and calculate the activity of the member by checking recent facebook likes and shares , if you are twitter follower of giftcardsbay , your tweets about our posts , google + recommendations and other social media shares . Everything gives you an edge to win the daily giveaways.Free Microsoft Points Generator 2013 is not a hack , and in essence it generates the free ms points but through our giveaways from the sponsors server.

This is a cool new tool that we added recently that will make it easy for you to gain entries in the giveaways and above all get the chance to be part of the Premium Giveaways for our active members.At the end of each month the members with the most activity points or entries will get Free Microsoft Points and Xbox Live Codes in addition to those they get in the daily giveaway . As a bonus for being active , the new version of the generator will give the Points instantly if you have enough entries .

Gain Activity Points For Xbox Live Codes Giveaway Here


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tips For Winning the Daily Giveaway of Free Microsoft Points Codes and Xbox Live Gold

Since the redesign of our giveaways and an introduction of the microsoft points generator v2 ability to track social media activity plays a major part in the daily giveaways . For example one time actions which take 20 seconds to do will give you a significant advantage over other members . You can do it in here or above using the cool new tool .

    • Liking the main page of and post you are interested in on facebook -for example this post ,at the top or in the sidebar
    • Following Giftcardsbay on Twitter 
    • Giving a google +1 recommendation and following our google + page

 Further more you can tweet about a post , share it on facebook and other social media such as pinterest , digg , stumble upon and tumblr . You can also subscribe for the updates and exclusive updates regarding the giveaways and Free microsoft points generator , and by doing so you can participate in monthly premium giveaways where the rewards are  6000 free ms points and 12 Months Xbox Live Gold Membership Codes  only for our subscribers.
Enter your email address to subscribe for premium monthly giveaways and updates:

 By Participating in the daily giveaways via the microsoft points code generator v2 you will earn yourself activity points each day just for that.

Even if you dont want to be included in the premium giveaways and be active on facebook , twitter and social media you can still get your Free Microsoft Points Codes because we also thought about you and made our new Generator in such manner that if you dont get the MSP codes after a number of times that you participated in daily giveaway you will get certain activity points just for that giving you an advantage for participating.

Changelog for Microsoft Points Code Generator v2 :
  • Old interface changed with the new black design giving the generator much better look and user friendliness
  • Search algorithm upgraded
  • Social Media activity tracking added
  • Process window added
  • Database auto updater added

The old version is pride of our website and you can read about it in our microsoft points generator 2012 download post and you can also read more about our premium giveaways on facebook and how to get free microsoft points on Giftcardsbay. You can also find more information on wikipedia link about  MSP

Here is also a good video on Vimeo showing how it works:

Free Microsoft Points generator – Guide and tips from RonnyS on Vimeo.



54 Responses to “Microsoft Points Generator v2 -Daily Giveaway Evolution”

  1. Any news from winners of the August giveaway ? can you guys post here how you won :D

    • Hey man, i was 2nd in August, but i got more microsoft points with generator then i got as reward for premium giveaway, don’t get me wrong i love premium as well :D

  2. i just saw i was first for july. i want to say thanks and if someone needs help with using generator and getting microsoft points , feel free to reply.

  3. Awesome! i was second for June! Guys , just a few entries and you can do wonder with generator , that’s my tip for you :)

  4. i hope ill win few codes in premium giveaway this month, i already got 3 codes with generator but i have about 150 entries so far :)

  5. Jackson says:

    i just saw an email that i was 3rd in monthly draw and i got 6000 ms points. just wanted to say thanks. If new members need any tips i will try to help

    • did you use ms points generator for daily giveaway or you were just joining monthly draw ? I was second in premium giveway and i mostly used generator :P

      • Jackson says:

        sorry it took so long, yea i use the generator almost every day :D but when i have time i get 10-15 entries at least.

        • im testing to see can i get more codes if i have a lot of entries. At the moment it looks good, only few entries and i got 4000 ms points code.

  6. i can’t wait to see who won premium giveaway this month, i hope i will get few codes, not that i’m not happy with 4k microsoft points i got few days ago :P

  7. New version of the generator is released , allowing you to directly access to dedicated servers, which have much more codes each day. Enjoy !

    • Warrene says:

      I must say i am rather surprised how well it works now with my entries amount, i got 2 codes last night and i just saw the email that i am one of the winners for monthly draw :D

    • I love the new version , already got 2 microsoft points codes and i think i am on my way for another monthly win as well :D

    • i dont see much difference , maybe a bit , but still its working great just like previous version

  8. Do you guys use generator and also join premium giveaway ? i really like generator now, got 2 ms points codes but i would like to try premium too since its so close :D

  9. I joined last month and i really wanted to win the monthly giveaway. My wish has come through and i was 1st last month :D I also got 3 codes via generator :) Thanks !!

    • congratz man , i was 2nd this month ,and with these codes along with those i got from generator i will be able to buy everything i ever wanted for my Xbox :D

    • nice , i joined just a few days ago , and only got 800 microsoft points, i hope i will get much more soon :D

  10. I’m starting to realize how great this generator thingy is, so far i was only participating in premium giveaway and i was 2nd last month , i started using generator for daily giveaway and i started getting the codes every day lol , how awesome is that :D

  11. Hello people , i just want to say Hi and thank you for the MS points and xbox live gold , i was amazed when i saw the email :D If you are new ,Ask me here if you need any help :D

    • Nice , did you use generator last month or you just got it in monthly draw ?

      • Yea i love the generator , i got several codes in daily giveaways and i was even among the winners in monthly giveaway so i could not be more happy :D

  12. Sorry i could not post here earlier , but im back now. i was one of the winners of premium giveaway for January, got 2x 6k ms points and 6 months gold membership , i cant be happier :D I advise everyone to join both premium giveaways and get some entries , and use generator for the daily cos i got around 6k from that as well. thanks a lot guys !!

  13. the best thing ever happen to Xbox!!!!
    I haven’t got my points yet but I’m possitive!!!!

  14. WoW!! a second place for the Premium giveaway , cant believe it, two 6000 ms points and 6 months of gold membership, im now set for the winter :D Thanks!!

    • Can you tell us what did you do to gain so many activity points ?

    • Hehe, you were faster to write here , but anyway i was 1st for October and im so happy with how many codes i got, and daily giveaway is working great for me. Couple of tips, share on facebook and pinterest, does the job for me :D

    • I got my first 1600 points today :D i wish i joined earlier like you guys :)

  15. Whats up people!! I just noticed i got 6000 Microsoft points and 6 months gold in Premium giveaway , i still can not believe it :P. I will join for the next one now and maybe im lucky again :D

    • Nice Ben , looks like i was better by a margin ,maybe 500 entries or so :D . Anyway im Cody from Texas ,i was 2nd in the Premium giveaway and got 2x 6000 Microsoft points and 12 gold code. Thanks and i wish you all luck in the daily giveaways and new round of Premium as well :D

  16. nice!! 4000 microsoft points for me in Premium giveaway :P nice addition :D

  17. I love it! i have bought xbox couple weeks ago and i got gold membership now :) Thanks!

  18. Awesome giveaways , got a 6 months gold membership and today a 800 microsoft points , whats not to like :D. i hope i win in the premium giveaway as well .

  19. WoW! got a 4000 from last night giveaway !! Im off to buy dishonored :P Thanks a lot !

  20. Ron Thomas says:

    Awesome giveaways ,in the last 5 days got 2 800 points codes and my brother got one for ps3 .Ill make a twitter account now lol :D

  21. Jim Simons says:

    I got the 1600 Microsoft Points code in yesterdays giveaway , Thanks a lot , ill make a video how i got it !!!

  22. Awesome giveaways , i got 1600 points and my friend told me that he got 4000 points one day . 1600 is enough for me to start :D

  23. Great Giveaways , Keep it coming , i got a psn code yesterday , ill join the xbox giveaway now :D

  24. Niasem Desou says:

    Awesome new giveaways , i love it , going to like a bit and try for one more code ;D

  25. Thanks a lot guys , i won the 4000 microsoft points code in the last night giveaway . i only tweeted once and shared on facebook :P


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