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Free PSN Codes – Daily and Premium Giveaways

Free Playstation Network Codes Giveaway 2013

Dear Members , we are having a new Promo Events for our daily giveaways . For this we have planned a promotion of Free Microsoft Points and Playstation Network Codes . its meant to bring our Facebook Premium Giveaways and Daily giveaways via PSN Card Code Generator a bit closer , because you are getting bonus entries for Premium Giveaways on facebook for joining this event and also if we reach certain number of Facebook Likes , Sponsors promised 50% more codes exact time of the database updates allowing you to get even more Free Playstation Network Card Codes.

Daily Free PSN codes giveaway

The daily playstation network codes giveaway is something that our members love the most , we had many changes in the giveaway system and some of them now include the version 2 of our software that is used to calculate activity and entries of our members that join both daily and premium giveaway. We named it PSN card generator or code generator how ever you like it better, its basically the same and we will mention some of the most important features here.

PSN card generator is used in our daily giveaways to make it easier for our members to get Free psn codes and to reward those who are active much faster and sometimes even instantly. It calculates the activity or entries and rewards active members more often then those who are not but certain amount of keys is always distributed randomly so everyone can get psn cards. All the codes are provided by our sponsors when you participate in daily giveaway via psn code generator you will also gain activity points for premium giveaway where we reward most active members with free codes and many more prizes.

You can download PSN Code Generator v2 here and join our Free PSN codes Giveaways

PSN card Generator


You can also read more about it on our post about version 2 and PSN Card Generator download, as well as get instructions for it. The databases are updated every day with fresh PSN cards.

Free PSN Codes Giveaway Features

  • Bonus Activity Points for the Daily Giveaway
  • Connects the Premium and Daily Giveaways , as you gain benefit for both
  • Bonus entries in Premium PSN Codes Giveaways
  • Exact Time of Sunday’s Database Updates
  • 30% More Codes for Sunday
  • Instant rewards for most active members

Join the Premium Giveaway and gain activity points for Daily giveaway here

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Bonuses for Referring Friends to Join Giveaway:

free psn codes

As you already know GiftCardsBay rewards our members for inviting their friends to join the Giveaways . Dont think of your friends as competition for getting Free PSN Cards , because if some of your friends wins the PSN Card Codes in a Premium Giveaways you will get the exact same Code for Free !! You are also getting bonus entries giving you more chance to win yourself . But thats not all we have in mind for our active members , as you can get the Free PSN Codes List that is dedicated to our most active members, just by inviting other members to join . Many members have already got a lot of Free PS3 Codes , some of them have posted about the giveaway on the forums where they are active and some members have posted on their blogs and Youtube channels . For example Mellany M . (i cant give her full name) is a very good blogger and she posted about the giveaways on her blog , so we gave her to choose Gift card type and she chosen 50$ Free PSN Card Code . So its really easy as you can see to get Free PSN Codes at GiftCardsBay . But Not all of our members are successful bloggers , but you can still get alot of Free PSN Card Codes for inviting your friends to join the Giveaways .

How do i invite members to Join Premium PSN Codes Giveaway ?

If you are active on a forums , if you have a Blog or Youtube channel you can post about the giveaway and get the Codes sent to your email or Facebook inbox . If you want you can always contact us about this for more information . Every time you share a link and if someone joins via that link he will be counted as your referral.

Active members are considered those who join the Premium and Daily giveaways .
Feel Free to conntact us on facebook or comment here if you have any other questions .

You can also join the similar Free Microsoft Points Promo Event


    • says

      Hello , at the moment you cant know how much you have referred but we are working on a tool which will enable you to do so . every time someone joins via your link is added as your referral :)

    • admin says

      You can continue to earn entries every day or get more netries in the weekly events untill we reach 1000 Likes

  1. Patrick Atkins says

    im also joining the event , after i got 2 10$ psn codes i shared it to all my friends, and 3 of them joined as my referrals :D i will aim for another 20$ code so i can buy some dlc’s :D


  2. Johnatan B. says

    Hey guys , i will join the event , i already have 5 members that i referred , ill tell my forum friends to join also as my referrals so i can get the 50$ psn code :))

      • says

        anytime you share or like a link , those who join via your link are counted as your referrals and if they win a code in the premium giveaway you will get the exact same card . you can share on facebook pages as well . We will have a tool soon that will count all that :)


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