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Free Riot Points Generator 2014

Free Riot Points Generator – League of Legends giveaway

Before we get into the details on how to get free riot points lets talk a bit more about what exactly are RP codes and the how the league of legends giveaway works. League of Legends is one of the best real time strategy games and its similar to the also popular warcraft 3 map DotA . Its using the well established gameplay features of DotA and adds some of its own unique elements to the game. One of these elements is ability to choose your champion to play with and some these are free and some are bought using the Influence points and Riot points. While Influence points are gained just by playing the game and the amount of IP gained depends on the outcome of the game , Riot points are bought online. You can buy riot points online at any dealer like bestbuy and gamestop , but the problem is they do cost quite a bit of money if you would like to buy more then couple of champions or skins and you must have credit card or paypal to buy it .

league of legends champions

 We all love the idea the have multiple champions and them having all those different skins , as well as boosts . Since Influence points are gained ingame the only problem for you would be how to get riot points. We are here to see how you can get all those things you like by joining the Free Riot Points Card Giveaway.  The new giveaway system is revolutionary and actually uses the Riot Points Generator as a giveaway method and we will explain how it works now .

What is Free Riot Points Generator?

This is what confuses some of our members since they think that its free riot points hack , but it is not . We only use the name as it describes it well but in essence it is a Giveaway meaning that all of the free riot points cards are bought by the sponsors and distributed via the riot points generator in our daily league of legends giveaway . Lets see how it looks like and where you can download it and join the giveaway.

Free Riot Points Generator

Free Riot Points Generator Main Window

Download Riot Points Generator for League of Legends Giveaway


Codes Updated:

Update: Having enough activity points now rewards members with free riot points instantly when they enter daily league of legends giveaway

Instructions for using the Riot points generator :

  1. Start the RP Generator
  2. Choose 1380RP or 3500RP
  3. Click Get Database and wait until checks the activity points
  4. You will get notification if you qualified for the League of Legends Giveaway
  5. Wait until the giveaway is over and the winners will be notified on their email with their Free Riot Points Code , or you can get more entries and get the Free RP code instantly

Note that the members that have higher amount of activity points will be given an advantage in the giveaway and if you have enough entries or activity points you will get the RP Codes instantly . This is how the database window looks like : League of legends Giveaway

What are entries or activity points for the League of Legends Giveaway?

These are used to take into consideration activity of the members when deciding the winners of the daily giveaway. The members that Like our site and posts , that are following us on twitter and who share and tweet often are considered active and usually have high amount of entries which gives them an edge in the league of legends giveaway. Such members often get Riot points code instantly when they join the daily giveaway.  Also it gives you the opportunity to win in the Premium giveaways as well giving you double chance to get Free riot points . Winners of the premium giveaways are the members who have the most entries at the end of the month and are given much more awesome prizes such as Multiple 3500RP Codes that can reach 10-15k RP in total. They can also choose one of our other gift cards such as minecraft gift code or microsoft points codes or giveaway prizes as a bonus.

How can i get entries in League of Legends giveaway?

This is in fact so easy and its made so when we started using this little tool that enables you to quickly gain entries in the giveaway and actually see how much you have. Have in mind that just by joining the daily league of legends giveaway you get 20 activity points . You can earn entries when you like and share on facebook , recommend on google + and tweet or share the post on social media sites such as Digg , Stumble Upon, Reddit and others and the free riot points generator will take all these into consideration when calculating the activity . Only valid entries are calculated so when you click like make sure you confirm it. You can also join google + page and recommend the post on G+ to gain entries as well . Here you can join the Premium giveaway and earn entries as well .

Join League of Legends Giveaway Here and Gain Entries

a Rafflecopter giveaway


More about the Features of Free Riot Points Generator The RP generator is made with the dark blue skin similar to our other v2 generators and features the same type of auto database updater . This means it will check for the new database updates when its run and you can get the Free Riot Points database from the sponsors server . There is also a cool authentication feature and there is no longer need to enter the access key which was used in the early types of generators . Also ,you can check alternative servers box where you can download database from if the main server is not working or you can not access it , and the free riot points generator will automatically redirect to the alternative server so you can join league of legends giveaway and not wait for the main links to be up again . This is a rare case but it can happen sometimes and members from certain countries prefer the alt server . Here is a great video and tutorial on Vimeo: League of Legends Giveaway – Free Riot Points Generator + Tutorial from Norman James on Vimeo.  News: The latest update of our Riot points generator now allows our active members to get free riot points code without having to wait for the daily giveaway to be over. If you like minecraft check out the minecraft gift code generator and our MC giveaway.


  1. billy says

    im quite surprised to see i was second in premium giveaway. i also used generator and had about 50-60 entries.

    • Sam says

      i had about 140 entries for first place , but i also got around 10 codes with riot points generator last month

  2. Chad says

    i was third in May , won 2x 3500 riot points codes which is awesome considering i also got 4 additional with generator.

  3. douglas says

    its my first time to win the giveaway. 5x 3500 RP is great reward for me considering i get about the same amount with generator last month. thanks

  4. Sennet says

    I am still amazed that i was 1st for last month giveaway. I only used generator and i had around 50 entries. I was satisfied with the codes i got generator but this is a huge plus for me :D

    • rombo says

      I am just starting out with free riot points giveaway , got one code with generator but ill try to win some in monthly draw :D

    • Barry says

      Yep , that’s what i prefer to do , i get most of the codes with generator and daily giveaway but its always nice to have entries , who knows…:D

    • Robert says

      of course its good , i do that all the time , you get much more codes with generator if you have few entries :D

    • Steve says

      Hehe, i know what you mean , i was wondering whats going on , but i got it working and i also joined premium giveaway , i was 3rd , not bad :D

    • Jerry says

      Yea , i made similar mistake like you did , always download the fresh database and then it works like a charm , not many entries needed to get few codes :D


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