How PSN Card Code Generator Makes PSN Giveaways Better

Giveaways are something that has become very popular in the last few years because it allowed many people to get the gift cards that they otherwise do not have the money for. Since Consoles such as PS3 and Xbox are very popular among gaming community these gift cards are naturally popular too. In this post i would like to cover the topic why giveaways are better then hacks and how to use free psn card code generator to your advantage. At first we only used the giveaway tool for calculating entries to get the winners for our monthly draw but when popularity grew we found many new sponsors and we could host daily giveaways as well. For that purpose we used a tool that we named after something that represents a hack , the psn code generator .but in reality its calculating entries and sending free Playstation Network codes to the member’s email.

So you may be asking , why is a giveaway better solution ?

When using something that is a hack you always have a chance to get that gift card removed , but when using free psn cards that you get in a giveaway they will always stay just like if you bought it online. That is because it was purchased by the sponsors and given away at daily giveaway via psn card code generator 2013, or premium giveaway that takes place at the end of every month where most active members , with most entries and daily participation number get even more codes. Here is more info about psn generator and how they evolved.

Free PSN Code GeneratorFirst version of PSN Code Generator was a huge success in 2012 and it was the first and only type of generator that used giveaways as its primary source of free psn card codes. Read full article about it here and find out how to join the giveaways.

PSN card GeneratorAfter few months a PSN Card Generator V2 was released with improved UI and it allowed you to choose alternative server if you had problems downloading databases for daily giveaways. With recent updates and dedicated servers , all members , even those who just visited website for the first time can get their psn codes. you can read more about PSN Card Generator version 2 here

So Why PSN Card Code Generator 2013 makes the giveaways better ?

Using the generator gives you a great way to get your free psn codes very fast and allows you to participate in monthly draw , increasing the chance that you will win it every time you download psn code generator 2013 database which is required to get the free codes for that day. So basically , its Double Way to get PSN Codes.

Developers always try to make the UI and usage more intuitive and user friendly and there is much talk about making the way to get psn card generator online without having to download, but when we have more info about it we will post it. Until then , Enjoy your PlayStation 3 with Free PlayStation Network Card Codes.

PSN Code Generator v2 – The Daily Giveaway Redone

PSN Card Generator v2 – October 2014

Hey everyone , i am happy to announce that after some time being with only 1 sponsor we now have 3 new sponsors and the updated daily giveaway software called PSN card generator v2 . The idea for developing new software came from one of our long time members . He said that we should do something with the generator since it was buggy and annoying for some members . The new Playstation Network code generator v2 is now using the latest search algorithm meaning no more errors and stuff like that . The members will enter the competition for the daily free psn codes and after getting the updated database from one of our 3 sponsors the software will actually check for members recent activity . More about the version 2 features later in the post.

New Features in PSN Card Generator v2

One of the most liked features of our new generator is the auto database updater .When you run ,it will update the databases and wait for you to generate and get the database access. You can also choose your currency now even though it will automatically detect the region and choose it for you if you dont check it . Also there is nice new event box where you can see what the psn card generator is doing at the moment. You can also switch to alternative server if you are having problems downloading the database from the main servers . You can also see the date when the database was updated . But enough talk , lets see how the new version 2  looks like and download it .

Download the new PSN Card Generator v2 and Join the Improved Daily Giveaways

This is the main window of the the new version

PSN card Generator

You can download the latest and updated version below automatically updated each day


Updated: October 2014

Instructions for the new PSN Card Generator v2

  1. After Downloading the main software you will be able to choose the currency and amount you wish to search for
  2. Click Generate and get the updated database for the type of code you choose
  3. After You Download the database from the sponsors server you should enter the email address you wish the code to be sent to
  4. Click the Get PSN Code and it will calculate the recent activity and after the giveaway for today is over you will get the email if you are among the winners.
 PSN Card codes

Here you can join the Premium Giveaway and gain entries for the daily giveaway via PSN card generator

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How is activity calculated in the new PSN card generator 2013 ?

The activity points for the Free Psn Codes daily giveaway are calculated as a sum of all activity of the website , twitter and facebook as well as how frequently you compete in daily giveaways . If you liked our website and the post you are interested in as well as shared it on facebook you will get a lot of activity points in the daily giveaway giving you the edge over other members that do not . Something similar is for twitter , if you are a follower of giftcardsbay and you tweet about our posts you will get activity points . If you have google plus account you can also recommend our posts and website on G+ to get even more points . When Determining the winner of daily giveaway at the end of every day these points are calculated and the members that have a lot of activity points will be the first to get their free psn card codes. This does not mean you wont get your psn cards if you just want to join the giveaway but do not have the time to share and be active , whenever you join the daily giveaway you earn lots of activity points and at the end you will be the one with tons of points and the edge over other members . Here is a great little tool we use to help you gain activity points and participate in the Premium Giveaways each month. The members with the most entries/activity points will get Free PSN card codes in addition to the codes they win in the daily giveaways . PSN Card Generator awards free psn codes instantly to members with high amount of entries.

Tips for Winning the Free PSN Codes Daily Giveaway:

If you have facebook , twitter , google + , digg, pinterest or any other social channel you can share from our sidebar and get activity points which will give you benefit when determining the winner of the giveaway. Liking our posts and following us on twitter as well as joining our Premium Giveaways on Facebook will get you one time bonus for every daily giveaway you enter , you just do it once . To further increase your chance of winning you can  share on facebook , tweet about the post or share on other social bookmarking networks . We hope you will enjoy the new version of psn card generator , you can read more about the old version here if you are interested , it was called psn code generator and our new free psn codes event you can also check out the new microsoft points generator download page if you have XBOX as well

Here is a great video from one of our users showing how to use the generator and join the daily giveaway , dont worry about the date in the video , everything is still the same and databases are updated automatically.

PSN Code Generator – Free PSN Codes Giveaway

PSN Code Generator – October 2014

The great thing about Playstation network is that you no longer have to have a PC to intereact with your friends , now you can play your favorite PS3 and PSP games with friends or the PSN community  online . Before we continue with explaining what PSN code generator is lets see what these codes are.

PSN Codes are a virtual currency that can be used instead of credit card to purchase Playstation Games , expansions and downloadable content . Much like the Xbox , these codes can be bought with real money  which is not a very good way since its not free and not all members have credit cards . We are here to discuss a two ways of getting a free cards for PlayStation Network.First is Our  Free PSN Codes Giveaway which is explained later in this post. The Other , for some members more popular way for getting free codes is the PlayStation Network Code Generator or simply PSN Code Generator which is used in daily giveaways.

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