iPhone Giveaway - how to get a free iPhone 5

iPhone Giveaway – Get a Free iPhone 5

Great news everyone , now that the new iPhone 5 is released we finally have the sponsor and can now host the free iPhone Giveaway . The new Apple smartphone is an awesome improvement to the 4s and it gives you many cool features. The idea behind hosting this iPhone 5 giveaway is its price , since not everyone has the money to buy it and our sponsors have kindly provided us with free iPhone 5 devices that will be given away to our most active members with some great additions for those who share and invite their friends to join  .

Free iPhone 5 Giveaway

Free iPhone 5 Giveaway

Free iPhone Giveaway Features :

Lets see what cool features we have for our members in this giveaway including free premium apps and ringtones to all our members that join .

  • 3x Free iPhone 5 + 3 more for members that invited others to join
  • Inviting friends and sharing gives you double chance to win !!
  • +1 iPhone 5 for each 2k entries that we reach
  • Paid iPhone apps for free to all our members that join
  • Free Ringtones for iPhone for all participants
  • Free iTunes Gift Cards
How to join the iPhone Giveaway ?
To join you just need to get your Giveaway ID once and after that you will get bonus entries every day when you visit just for that . Below in the giveaway tool you can paste it in the “What is your Giveaway ID ?” field. Simple as that . After that you can gain your entries to further increase your chance to win , but even if you dont have facebook or twitter you can join and get Free iPhone 5 , since some of them will be given at random to members that joined . One note that will interest some of the members is that iPhone Giveaway ID’s are hosted on sponsors server and must be protected to prevent automated programs to join with hundreds of account and cheat basically . This way the free iPhone 5 will go to the members that really deserve it . We hope you understand and by doing so you will support our sponsor as well .
Get your Giveaway ID here and paste it in the tool below
You can download it from the main server or alternative

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Only valid and confirmed entries are calculated

iPhone Giveaway - how to get a free iPhone 5
iPhone Giveaway

One of the best features that we included in our iPhone giveaway is that when you invite your friends to join as well as all those who join via the link you shared or liked on facebook will become your referrals and if they win in the giveaway you will get free iPhone 5 as well ! So there is no reason to be shy and think that by inviting others will reduce your chance to win , quite the opposite , it will increase it a lot .

The final number of the iPhone devices given away will depend on number of members that join and we are given 20 free iPhone 5 to start the giveaway and there will be one more for each 2k entries . You must be asking yourself , what are entries ?

Entries or activity points are the thing that gives us the clue which member is the most active and these are earned just by joining the giveaway and increased further by liking our post , sharing on facebook as well as tweeting about the giveaway and sharing on other social network websites. We have a cool tool that will enable you to gain entries in the iPhone giveaway very easy and keep track of how much you have each day .  At the end members with the most activity points will get the free iPhone 5 as a reward and if the person who you invite wins you will get it as well .

How to gain entries ?

Activity points or entries are very easy to gain and take couple minutes only . The iPhone Giveaway tool above also gives you track of how many entries you have and you will get activity points just for visiting each day and pasting your Giveaway ID . After that , if you liked our website and the post you will also get easy entries every day just for being a facebook fan or twitter follower . And if you tweet and share the post on facebook or other social networks and bookmarks like Pinterest, diigo, digg , tumblr, reddit you will most certainly be one of the top members in regard to activity and have much better chance to get free iPhone 5 .

What actions give the most activity points ?

  • Joining by getting your iPhone Giveaway ID
  • Liking on Facebook
  • Sharing on Facebook
  • Following on Twitter and Tweeting about the giveaway
  • Google + Recommend
  • Sharing on Social bookmarks and networks
Read more about this awesome new smartphone and iPhone 5 Review .

iPhone 5 vs 4s

iPhone 5 is the latest product from Apple , and after the success of the iPhone 4s the new model is even lighter , slimmer and and has higher resolution screen . It also has the new processor and iOS 6 operating system . It stands a bit longer then 4s but it still manages to be lighter then its older brother and much lighter then the competition . The screen is superb and gives you the best experience when watching movies or navigating in your car. Operating system has improved as well giving you more simple interface and easy software uninstall , even more simple then android . Th camera in iPhone 5 also has some nice improvements , such as 40% faster taking of pictures and its better in low light conditions . Overall , Apple has really made an awesome new smartphone , but the biggest flaw is its price , but dont despair , you can join and get free iPhone 5 in our iPhone Giveaway . You will also get some nice free apps and ringtones as well as free itunes gift cards from our other giveaways.



  1. pete tong says

    awesome, I got a free one last year at this same site and it made my christmas damn complete :) could I participate again if I already participated the last year? please let me know


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