iTunes Gift Card Generator and Daily Giveaway

iTunes Gift Card Generator and Giveaway

Music is one of the most downloaded thing along with movies and games . Downloading music via torrents and other sites is first of all not legal and the quality of the music and videos downloaded is usually poor quality compared to music downloaded from iTunes . Prepaid iTunes Gift Cards can be bought online from the Apple store or in the local retail shops and malls , but buying a lots of these codes can be quite costly after some time . But you have come to the right place because here at we feature some of the most popular gift cards online giveaways including a Free iTunes Gift Card Codes , Free xbox live codes and Free psn codes .

The Sponsored Free iTunes Gift Card Coupons are purchased by our sponsors to reward our active members with free itunes codes via our Premium Giveaways and our iTunes Code Generator. Before we go into more detail about it lets see what it really is and how you can use it.

What is Free iTunes Gift Card Generator

After three successful Giveaways of the Free iTunes Gift Cards we decided to make the codes available for all our visitors and members , even those who cant join our Premium Giveaways on Facebook and Twitter. So we came up with the simple iTunes Generator .  This simple tool is searching our servers for available iTunes gift card codes that we dedicate every day for this purpose . All the codes are bought by our sponsors and can be redeemed at official iTunes website . We had many updates since the first release and now the best thing about it is that it will allow you to get entries for the premium giveaway with each use of the generator, that gives you double chance to win these codes. Also you will be able to get much more codes from the generator if you get for example 20 or 30 entries. Lets see how it looks and where you can download it


Free ITunes Gift Card Generator

Here is how our iTunes Generator v1.1 looks like

Download iTunes Gift Card Generator 2014


Updated: September 2014

-Fixed tablet issues and alternative servers added

Instructions for using iTunes Gift Card Generator

iTunes Card Generator

  1. Download the archive with iTunes code Generator
  2. Run The Program and check which codes do you want to search for
  3. Update the database (its updated every day with new iTunes Gift Cards)
  4. After The Update is complete Get your code
  5. Redeem At official iTunes Website
  6. Join The Premium Giveaway and get even more Free iTunes Gift Cards

Joining The Premiun iTunes Gift Card Giveaway

200$ Free iTunes Gift Cards - ITunes Generator         Free iTunes Gift Cards Codes - Free iTunes Codes

Another great way of getting Codes beside our iTunes Gift Card Generator is entering a Premium iTunes Giveaway by joining our facebook page and following us on twitter you get the chance to be a winner of Free iTunes Gift Card Codes every week including a most popular $200 iTunes Gift Cards codes. Alsoactive members on our facebook page and twitter who share and invite other members will be rewarded with Free iTunes Gift Cards by our admins . Another great feature is that if your friends that you refered by sharing and inviting get a iTunes gift card you will also get one for free .

Here you can join the Premium iTunes Gift Card Giveaway and gain entries for the daily giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So ,by using the iTunes Code Generator you can get yourself Free iTunes gift cards each day , and by joining a Premium iTunes Giveaway you can get weekly Free iTunes Codes and be a part of our growing community. For the members who have Xbox 360 or PlayStation check out our other Premium Giveaways including Free Microsoft Points Generator and PSN Code Generator

Wikipedia link about  iTunes Store and our iTunes Gift Card Generator if you want to know more about iTunes store and how it works.

100 Responses to “iTunes Gift Card Generator and Daily Giveaway”

  1. I love itunes generator, i got around 150$ worth of gift cards this month

  2. well, its time for me to write here as well after winning August giveaway, got total of 200$ iTunes gift cards , and with about 100 more i got with generator i can buy almost all things i wanted on iTunes

  3. hey guys , i am back now , wanted to say thanks, i saw i was first but didnt have time to write until now :)

  4. Richard says:

    wow, 200$ card ,and i came here to try to get few 25 or 50$ itunes gift cards :D Thanks!

  5. marnick says:

    after getting around 50$ of codes with generator i saw an email i was 1st for monthly giveaway as well. Thanks!!

  6. Great news for me i must say, i was third for April and i got an awesome 100$ gift card in addition to all other i got with generator :D

    • Richard says:

      I was quite surprised to see that i was 1st for April, what i did is use itunes generator mostly to get a few codes and i found that it works better with some entries. Then i was 1st in premium as well :D

    • great , i am quite new here , nice to know that you guys use itunes code generator with success , ill try it today

  7. I got my first code with generator , 25$ one :D I hope i will be among the winners of premium giveaway too. Good luck guys :D

  8. Do you prefer generator or you like to join monthly giveaway ? i am currently good with generator , got about 50$ worth of codes :)

    • I mostly use generator to get my iTunes codes but its always nice if you get an email at the end of the month that you got another hehe :D

    • Generator is working good for me and i use it every weekend when i am home, so far around 80$ worth of codes :D

  9. Wow! i was actually 2nd in monthly giveaway and i had around 150 entries , nice ! I cant wait to redeem these 150$ of gift cards.

    • Gratz man , i joined about a week ago and got 25$ code but ill try to get more entries this month for monthly giveaway :D

    • i mostly use generator because i dont have facebook lol , but it works great for me and my brother

  10. I want a free £15 I tunes code

    • That is why we are all here hehe, why dont you download the generator , i just got 15$ code. If you live in UK i guess it gives you British pound code. Oh, and get some entries as well, its good stuff too

  11. Hey whats up everyone, id like to say thanks for my iTunes codes i got in premium giveaway, i will certainly join for this month as well and keep using the generator, got there few codes as well :D

  12. How does this work ? And can I use it to purchase apps for my iPod touch via iTunes ?

    • Sure you can purchase the apps without problem . Well , i think its explained well in the post how it works,if you need help send us an email via contact us form. Hope this helps

  13. this is a cool pogram

  14. Hey !! im just stopping by to say thanks for an awesome giveaway, i didnt have time to write until now, i was 1st for November premium giveaway, i dont know what to do with so much iTunes gift cards now hehe :D i will try to be as active as in the last month.

  15. Whats up everyone, looks like i was 3rd for November :D i got a 100$ iTunes gift card and a 20$ ps3 code which i gave to my fiend. I shared on facebook, pinterest and tumblr, i hope i can be first this month :)

  16. do you have a mac osx version?

  17. i cant download it

  18. Does it work in mac

  19. Can you try more then once in one day , i got 25$ code and would like to try for another 15$ maybe :D

  20. Archit agarwal says:

    Whenever i open itunes generator it says failed to instialize properly.what do i do

  21. hey guys im new here, i want to join the iTunes giveaway ,can i join from France ?

  22. Hello , do you get the iTunes card instantly when you download database ?

    • i think you still do for iTunes, other giveaways now use activity points but iTunes is still instant if you get it at the right time.

    • I got my code in Premium giveaway, 50$ iTunes gift card and i got 15$ via generator , and yea it was instant , it always helps to have some entries :D

  23. It downloads as a .rar file and I don’t know what I should open it with! Much appreciated.

    • Hello, win rar is free software and you should always have that , its needed for many more stuff you download, you can check our FAQ section , there is download link for it

  24. Tablet and netbook height issues should be fixed now and alternative servers are added for those who are having issues .

  25. okay I just downloaded this today but there is no generate button? the lowest the screen shows is the loading bar with a 0% i cant go any lower then that no matter what?? help please?

    • can you move it up by holding left mouse at the top and dragging ? if not try to run it again it will be placed at another place sometimes

  26. how do u update the database?

    • Hello Mishal, your databases are updated when you generate and search for codes on the server , you just need to get database for today from the sponsors server when its at 100%

  27. henryred95 says:

    can anyone help me??

  28. Whats up people!! i was away on a business trip and noticed i won the Premium giveaway! that is awesome , i am just stopping by to say thanks for great giveaways , keep it up :)

    • Hey Connor ,nice . I was second in Premium giveaway and looks like i got another 10$ code in daily hehe. Those activity points never seem to run out :D

  29. Anonymous says:

    and does it work for ireland

  30. Hey guys, i got a 100$ code in Premium giveaway, thanks so much!! im just back from work , a nice surprise for sure :D

  31. This works with Canadian itunes?

  32. Thanks for the awesome giveaways , got another iTunes gift card in daily giveaway , this time 50$ code!! i am active in premium giveaways as well :)

  33. I’m on a mac, how do I do this?

  34. Will this work with the Australian iTunes store?

  35. nice! i got me my first iTunes code , a 10$ one but im happy with it and i joined the Premium giveaway now :)

  36. i got a second 10$ code in last couple days , i hope ill win the premium giveaway as well , then im good :D

  37. I can anyone here generate a code for me. It’s for a Xmas present. I can’t seem to get a hold of the codes so I need some help :/

    • if i get a 10$ code ill send it to you , i already got 3 codes for iTunes here but i redeemed them . You should join the premium giveaway and get entries , i have quite a bit and i hope i win the premium giveaway :)

  38. i got my first iTunes code last night :) . its 20$ one , i cant wait for Premium giveaways to end to see who gets the code , i shared quite a bit :)

  39. does it work

  40. i can open it cuz its a exe file
    do you have a dmg version?

  41. Love these codes , got 2 so far :D

  42. I tried to get a code $ 25 but I had difficulty downloading
    can u help me :)

  43. I got 2 codes in the giveaways in the last 7 days , its awesome !! Thanks

  44. I can’t access to make the database update…

  45. Jacky Lau says:

    is this real?
    Do you generate the codes or do you buy them?

  46. is this virus free ?


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