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Microsoft Points Generator

Here at we feature some of the most popular gift cards that most of our gamer and non gamer member love , including a PSN code generator and iTunes Gift Card Generator One of the ways to get Free Microsoft Points Codes are our Premium Sponsored Giveaways by participating and being active on our Facebook page , following us on twitter , and inviting others to join the giveaways . Active members will be rewarded with Free Xbox Live Microsoft Points and Subscription Codes . More about that later in the post. We want to take care of all our members , even those that do not have facebook and twitter or do not have the time to be active , so for them we made a microsoft points code generator.

What is the Microsoft Points Generator ?

Often our members do not have the time to participate in a premium giveaways and prefer to use our Free Microsoft Point Generator . There are absolutely no hacks of xbox involved so your account is perfectly safe, its just a simple tool that checks our servers for available codes that we dedicate each day for this purpose only . Do not get confused when we address it as Xbox live code generator since it is basicly the same . There are some  minor differences and we will explain what it is , but you can use the same tool to participate in both giveaways.

Difference between Microsoft Points Generator and Xbox Live Code Generator

In essence , there is not much difference , people often use the word free microsoft points and free xbox live codes which are both basically Xbox 360 marketplace cards . The main difference is that Xbox Live Subscription Codes like 1 or 2 months Gold membership cards are in most cases called Xbox Live Redeem Codes and not  Microsoft Points Redeem Code. That is the main difference but the tool that we are presenting to you will allow you to get both by choosing the appropriate type of codes.  Here you can see how it looks like and download it.

Free Microsoft Points Generator Download

Free Microsoft Points Generator

Its The Daily Giveaway Part and its not a hack , Join the Premium Giveaway below


Updated: October 2014

Mirrors Added -you can use them if you cant update database using main links

You can download the new v2 version of microsoft points generator 2014 with new skin and interface

Instruction For Using The Microsoft Points Generator

Using this tool is very simple actualy .

  • After downloading you can check what type of gift card would you like to search for . You can choose between Free 800 , 1600 , 4000 Microsoft Points and Free Xbox Live Gold Membership Codes . 
  • Update The Xbox Live Code Generator Database since we are adding new Xbox live codes each day .  After the update is complete you will be able to Get your Free Microsoft points depending on which you choose to update since all servers are separate to prevent spam .

4000 Xbox 360 Microsoft Points Codes

  • Redeem your codes at the official Microsoft Xbox Live website
  • Enjoy and join our premium giveaways for more free microsoft xbox live codes

Joining The Premium Xbox Live Codes Giveaway

By using our Microsoft Points Generator you will get yourself one part of the available sponsored Xbox Live Codes . The second part is for our Premium Free Microsoft Points Giveaway . By liking on Facebook and following us on Twitter you are joining the premium giveaway . The Giveaway is starting as soon as we hit 1000 likes on facebook page . Free Xbox Live Codes will be given to the most active members with the most entries . Active members and those who refer others to join the giveaway will also be rewarded with Free Microsoft Points Codes . By Sharing , Twitting and Liking you increase your chance to win a Free 12 Months Free Xbox Live Gold and 6000 Microsoft Points codes in adition to standard giveaway rewards .
a Rafflecopter giveaway

So , using Microsoft Points Generator and by Joining a Premium Microsoft Points Giveaway you will be able to get the Xbox live Codes on daily and weekly basis .


  1. jackson says

    hello guys , i finally managed to find time to write here because i was 3rd in premium giveaway and i wanted to say thanks. I suggest everyone to use both daily and premium giveaway because that you you can much more microsoft points codes.

    • Nader says

      Of course , i joined last month about the same time as you and i got 2 codes with generator/daily giveaway until the end of the month

    • Jordan says

      Why not , i joined at around 10th and i only used generator a lot since i needed to buy few games. Now i have much more then i need lol. i was 2nd :D

  2. jake says

    i am just stopping by to say Thanks, i just got the mail that i was among the winners of Xbox live and Microsoft points, it’s amazing , i was just using the generator to get few codes and i ended up with tons :D

    • johnatan says

      i am really glad for you, thanks for sharing your experience with us , i am downloading the generator now and i will tell you how it turns out in few days :)

  3. jeremy says

    I started getting some more entries for the monthly draw of microsoft points but i still mostly use generator , got 6k+ points so far :D

  4. Max Lam says

    Admins can you help me? I already got the microsoft points generator and followed the instructions. Now how do I get the points? I already clicked get MS points button. and I am qualified.

  5. Michael Smith says

    I just want to say thanks to Giftcardsbay , i got a 1600 points on second day i found your website and another 800 Points code after 3 days , im very satisfied . keep it up :)


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