Minecraft Gift Code Generator -2012


  1. Mickey says

    I also got few Minecraft gift codes last couple of days , gonna activate the hell out of my friends accounts :D

  2. Austin says

    By the time i won 2 premium codes in August giveaway i already got my code with generator , so if anyone needs it please reply here , i will ask moderator to send it.

    • danny says

      i just needed to upgrade Minecraft for my brother and me , i got it with generator so if anyone needs a gift code reply here :)

  3. Luca says

    i was 1st omg, 5 minecraft gift codes! I upgraded my account a week ago , got the code with generator. My friends will be happy :D

  4. Roger says

    I got 3 minecraft codes this week, i redeemed two so if anyone needs third email me roggeston89 (at) msn . Try to get few yourself , its great

  5. Casey says

    i just saw i got 5 minecraft codes in premium. i already got my code with generator few days ago. Here ill share one with you. TY92-GT6D-GY2G

  6. Terrence says

    I got 2 more months for minecraft premium in monthly draw. I already got around 4 of them in April :)

    • Martin says

      I just got another one today :D i was also among the winners of premium giveaway , i guess my brother will be happy to hear this :P

    • alejandro says

      hehe, nice , i never had much attention for premium giveaway , i only used generator , maybe ill try that as well :D

  7. Sonnie says

    I got 3 codes this month :D most of them were ready in 20-30 minutes and i had around 40-50 entries at that time, i love the new updates where you dont have to wait whole day :P

    • jeremy says

      I used it back in the day when you had to wait, i love these new changes , i even got one code yesterday lol.

  8. RaySim says

    i just received my email , im the first for november premium :D got 8 months for minecraft premium, looks like my friends will be happy too hehe :D. i joined via generator about 5 times and got 2 months from it already and i shared on facebook couple of times and tweeted. Hope you guys get it soon :D

    • says

      Hello Jack, its simple actually if you read the post everything will be clear, and if you have enough activity points it is now updated to give the minecraft gift code instantly.

    • says

      sure , like in all our giveaways if you have enough activity points you will get the code instantly without waiting for giveaway to be over for the day.

    • Ervi says

      did you get database lol , whats the point if you didnt enter the giveaway for today :P i got my premium 3 days ago here :)

  9. Peter B. says

    i activated my account today , got the code instantly cos i had much entries from other giveaways as well :). Nice to play premium account for a change.

  10. Rogge says

    i got the code instantly after sharing and liking the page , there are not many ppl playing minecraft these days i guess :P

  11. Joris Balar says

    Just got my first minecraft gift code , this was my 3rd try but its worth it , im playing now and its awesome :) !


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