Minecraft Gift Code Generator- Premium Accounts Giveaway

Minecraft Gift Code Generator – Premium Account Giveaway

After a small delay we now have a new sponsor and this time its one of the best one when it comes to free gift codes . The latest updates to the giveaways gave us an interesting idea and we are proud to present to you the new Minecraft Gift Code Generator as a part of the Free Minceraft Premium Accounts Giveaway . Our codding team had a lot of interesting ideas regarding it and brought some cool changes like the new dark skin and user interface much like our other v2 generators . The main thing that will be most interesting to our members is that it will allow you to get Minecraft gift code which you can then redeem and get minecraft premium account for free.  Lets see the most important things about it and where you can join the giveaway.

What is the Minecraft Gift Code Generator ?

Often there is misunderstanding when we use the name such as minecraft gift code generator since people think its a hack , but in essence it is not .Its just a free tool that makes the process of managing the giveaways easier. The difference is that our codes are donated by sponsors and you get them for free by participating in our minecraft giveaways.Our members often call it minecraft premium account generator since when joining the daily giveaway you will be able to get the free minecraft premium account after redeeming the gift code .Its a great tool that makes the giveaways much more fun and one of the new features is that it will now calculate the activity of the members when determining the winners of the daily giveaway. While active members will get the advantage in the giveaways that doesnt mean our other members that dont have facebook or twitter cant join our giveaways and get the free minecraft premium account they need ,quite the opposite ,you can get the activity points just by joining the giveaway and get the advantage that way. We will continue about the features and tips on how to win the giveaway later in this post, but now lets see how the new minecraft gift code generator looks like and where you can download it .

Minecraft gift code generator- 2012

Minecraft gift code generator main window of the v2

Update v2 brings some great changes , one of them is that now all the codes are sent instantly to the members with highest amount of activity points, along with some cosmetic changes such as new background.

Download Minecraft Gift Code Generator v2 – April 2014


Databases are updated each day automatically with new codes

Updated: April 2014

 Instructions for using the Minecraft Gift Code Generator

  1. Download minecraft gift code generator via “download now” button above
  2. Get the updated Database from the sponsors server
  3. When you get the database you can enter the email you wish the code to be sent to if you win the giveaway
  4. Click Enter Minecraft Giveaway and it will calculate the activity
  5. Wait until the giveaway for today is over and the winners will get the free minecraft gift codes to their email
  6. Register and Redeem Minecraft Gift Code
Minecraft premium account generator

Database for Minecraft premium account generator

More about the Features of Minecraft Gift Code Generator

The latest versions of our new generators have greatly improved user interface with new skins , its much more user friendly and faster to get the updated database . Sponsored servers have been optimized and you should be able to get it much faster now . New minecraft gift code generator also has the auto updater feature which allows you to see when the new databases are released as it checks for it on every start-up . After one giveaway ends a new databases are loaded and you can join once again . One more feature that brings a lot of attention among our members is that now it check for the social activity when you enter the minecraft giveaway , meaning that members that are active in the community , like and share the posts and tweet as well will get activity points which will get them better chance of winning . Every time you enter the giveaway minecraft gift code generator will add a certain amount of activity points to you giving you much better chance to win next time as well .

Here is a great tool that makes it easy to earn activity points in the minecraft giveaway . Its will give you a chance to join the Premium Giveaways and at the end of each month members with the most activity points will get bonus Minecraft premium accounts as well. Minecraft Gift Code Generator sends the codes each day to members that have high amount of entries when they join. So that means double benefit . The first 1000 entries get double activity points !
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tips on How to get the Free Minecraft Premium Account in the Giveaway

Just by joining the minecraft giveaway you will be able to get activity points which give much better chance to win the next giveaway as well . When you get activity points you are gaining an edge over other members an you will be the first one to get the Free Minecraft Premium Account Code . Most active members also get the code instantly if they have enough activity points , other members have to wait for minecraft giveaway to be over. Gaining activity points is easy , you can get them by :

  • Liking this post and Giftcardsbay on Facebook -you can do it in the right sidebar
  • Tweeting about the giveaway
  • Follow Giftcardsbay on Twitter
  • Subscribe for updates from the sidebar and get exclusive updates about giveaways and monthly giveaways.
  • Recommend on Google + and follow Giftcardsbay as well
These are some of the easiest things you can do to get activity points and if you have enough minecraft gift code generator will automatically reward you with free minecraft premium account code which will be sent to your email address. This way you have 2 ways and much better chances to get your gift codes.
What is Minecraft Premium Account ?

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time . its one of the firs java based games that got really popular . The basic aspect of the game is building 3d objects with cubes that have been textured . The first game that was similar to minecraft was infiniminer. The game is all about constructions , you can build various things and objects , basically whatever you desire . Some features are not available for free and premium accounts . Single player is available for free but some of the multiplayer features require a minecraft premium account . With the Codes that you get in the Minecraft Giveaways via the Minecraft Gift Code Generator you will be able to access that content when you activate your Free Minecraft Premium Account .

Here is a great vimeo video about it from one of the users :

Minecraft Gift Code Generator – Premium account Tutorial from Sam James on Vimeo.

Minecraft Gift Code Generator Changelog
  • 1.0 – Giveaways Released
  • 0.8- Final Testing phase
  • 0.5- Beta Testing

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68 Responses to “Minecraft Gift Code Generator- Premium Accounts Giveaway”

  1. I also got few Minecraft gift codes last couple of days , gonna activate the hell out of my friends accounts :D

  2. By the time i won 2 premium codes in August giveaway i already got my code with generator , so if anyone needs it please reply here , i will ask moderator to send it.

  3. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks, i won 1st place for July

    • i just needed to upgrade Minecraft for my brother and me , i got it with generator so if anyone needs a gift code reply here :)

  4. i was 1st omg, 5 minecraft gift codes! I upgraded my account a week ago , got the code with generator. My friends will be happy :D

  5. Do you need to download the generator to win a raffle?

  6. I got 3 minecraft codes this week, i redeemed two so if anyone needs third email me roggeston89 (at) msn . Try to get few yourself , its great

  7. i just saw i got 5 minecraft codes in premium. i already got my code with generator few days ago. Here ill share one with you. TY92-GT6D-GY2G

  8. Terrence says:

    I got 2 more months for minecraft premium in monthly draw. I already got around 4 of them in April :)

  9. I got another code in the monthly draw , i got one gift code via generator last week :D Nice

    • I just got another one today :D i was also among the winners of premium giveaway , i guess my brother will be happy to hear this :P

    • alejandro says:

      hehe, nice , i never had much attention for premium giveaway , i only used generator , maybe ill try that as well :D

    • I think its great, you can give the code to your friend if you get more then one

  10. I got 3 codes this month :D most of them were ready in 20-30 minutes and i had around 40-50 entries at that time, i love the new updates where you dont have to wait whole day :P

    • I used it back in the day when you had to wait, i love these new changes , i even got one code yesterday lol.

  11. Hey guys , do you get the premium code instantly or you have to wait ?

  12. Wow, Can i use it from Ireland ?

  13. Whats up guys, very nice site!! I will join minecraft and League of legends as well :)

  14. i just received my email , im the first for november premium :D got 8 months for minecraft premium, looks like my friends will be happy too hehe :D. i joined via generator about 5 times and got 2 months from it already and i shared on facebook couple of times and tweeted. Hope you guys get it soon :D

  15. Do i need to download the database everyday to enter the Minecraft code giveaway everyday?

  16. How download this Minecraft Gift Code Generator…. ??

  17. Love the new changes , got my code instantly this time! :P

  18. bob german says:

    how do i download the database? do i need the database?

  19. So what should i do to win one code for me?

    • Hello Jack, its simple actually if you read the post everything will be clear, and if you have enough activity points it is now updated to give the minecraft gift code instantly.

  20. is this real?

  21. i kinda hate waiting for the code , can i get it instantly if i have activity points ?

    • sure , like in all our giveaways if you have enough activity points you will get the code instantly without waiting for giveaway to be over for the day.

  22. LadyDeadPoolOnYT says:

    It won’t let me open it…

  23. ok so i run the program 3 times and first time 56 entries second was 6 entries and third was 26 .

    • There is no record of you joining the giveaway , did you download the databases ? If you have trouble please contact us via support form

    • did you get database lol , whats the point if you didnt enter the giveaway for today :P i got my premium 3 days ago here :)

  24. i activated my account today , got the code instantly cos i had much entries from other giveaways as well :). Nice to play premium account for a change.

  25. i got the code instantly after sharing and liking the page , there are not many ppl playing minecraft these days i guess :P

  26. These giveaways are much faster , i got like 3 gift codes so far :P

  27. thanks guys i love your giveaways but i really don’t need a account i already bought a premium account :P

  28. Joris Balar says:

    Just got my first minecraft gift code , this was my 3rd try but its worth it , im playing now and its awesome :) !

  29. I got my minecraft gift code yesterday , awesome giveaways . Ill try once more for my brother :)

  30. i got one code 2 days ago and i cant stop playing this game , so addictive :) Thanks !

  31. Minecraft Premium Account is awesome , i just got my code

  32. hey i have problem when i click enter giveaway and ok when it finished i got crash :S help me

  33. Jim Simons says:

    Nice , got my premium code last night , im playing it now :D . thanks for another giveaway !

  34. Great , love the new giveaway ,ill try it today :)


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