PSN Code Generator v2 – The Daily Giveaway Redone

PSN Card Generator v2 – September 2014

Hey everyone , i am happy to announce that after some time being with only 1 sponsor we now have 3 new sponsors and the updated daily giveaway software called PSN card generator v2 . The idea for developing new software came from one of our long time members . He said that we should do something with the generator since it was buggy and annoying for some members . The new Playstation Network code generator v2 is now using the latest search algorithm meaning no more errors and stuff like that . The members will enter the competition for the daily free psn codes and after getting the updated database from one of our 3 sponsors the software will actually check for members recent activity . More about the version 2 features later in the post.

New Features in PSN Card Generator v2

One of the most liked features of our new generator is the auto database updater .When you run ,it will update the databases and wait for you to generate and get the database access. You can also choose your currency now even though it will automatically detect the region and choose it for you if you dont check it . Also there is nice new event box where you can see what the psn card generator is doing at the moment. You can also switch to alternative server if you are having problems downloading the database from the main servers . You can also see the date when the database was updated . But enough talk , lets see how the new version 2  looks like and download it .

Download the new PSN Card Generator v2 and Join the Improved Daily Giveaways

This is the main window of the the new version

PSN card Generator

You can download the latest and updated version below automatically updated each day


Updated: September 2014

Instructions for the new PSN Card Generator v2

  1. After Downloading the main software you will be able to choose the currency and amount you wish to search for
  2. Click Generate and get the updated database for the type of code you choose
  3. After You Download the database from the sponsors server you should enter the email address you wish the code to be sent to
  4. Click the Get PSN Code and it will calculate the recent activity and after the giveaway for today is over you will get the email if you are among the winners.
 PSN Card codes

Here you can join the Premium Giveaway and gain entries for the daily giveaway via PSN card generator

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How is activity calculated in the new PSN card generator 2013 ?

The activity points for the Free Psn Codes daily giveaway are calculated as a sum of all activity of the website , twitter and facebook as well as how frequently you compete in daily giveaways . If you liked our website and the post you are interested in as well as shared it on facebook you will get a lot of activity points in the daily giveaway giving you the edge over other members that do not . Something similar is for twitter , if you are a follower of giftcardsbay and you tweet about our posts you will get activity points . If you have google plus account you can also recommend our posts and website on G+ to get even more points . When Determining the winner of daily giveaway at the end of every day these points are calculated and the members that have a lot of activity points will be the first to get their free psn card codes. This does not mean you wont get your psn cards if you just want to join the giveaway but do not have the time to share and be active , whenever you join the daily giveaway you earn lots of activity points and at the end you will be the one with tons of points and the edge over other members . Here is a great little tool we use to help you gain activity points and participate in the Premium Giveaways each month. The members with the most entries/activity points will get Free PSN card codes in addition to the codes they win in the daily giveaways . PSN Card Generator awards free psn codes instantly to members with high amount of entries.

Tips for Winning the Free PSN Codes Daily Giveaway:

If you have facebook , twitter , google + , digg, pinterest or any other social channel you can share from our sidebar and get activity points which will give you benefit when determining the winner of the giveaway. Liking our posts and following us on twitter as well as joining our Premium Giveaways on Facebook will get you one time bonus for every daily giveaway you enter , you just do it once . To further increase your chance of winning you can  share on facebook , tweet about the post or share on other social bookmarking networks . We hope you will enjoy the new version of psn card generator , you can read more about the old version here if you are interested , it was called psn code generator and our new free psn codes event you can also check out the new microsoft points generator download page if you have XBOX as well

Here is a great video from one of our users showing how to use the generator and join the daily giveaway , dont worry about the date in the video , everything is still the same and databases are updated automatically.

122 Responses to “PSN Code Generator v2 – The Daily Giveaway Redone”

  1. New version of the psn generator tool released , fixed some bugs and updated download links , enjoy!

  2. So, does this still work? I got the generator and was able to get a database but when I open up the database it says it is unable to connect to the server.

    • Yes it still works , that means that the database for psn codes was updating on main server , it takes up to an hour

  3. Just got my first 50$ psn card with generator , before that i got 2x 20 but it was nice too :P

  4. Looks like my first place also got me a lot of bonuses for generator , i just got a 50$ code :D . If you guys need any help just reply here.

    • 2 more days until premium giveaway announcements , i hope i win , i got 50$ code last week with psn generator but i need one more to get battlefield 4

  5. i can’t wait to see how premium giveaway ends for this month. I already got 100+$ with psn card generator, i have around 120 entries so far

  6. Thanks! i was 1st for July and those extra codes will come in handy

  7. Charles says:

    i happy with my two 50$ psn cards , i was third last month :)

  8. Can’t wait for premium giveaway for this month, i got many entries and i hope ill win some extra codes :D . By the way, generator is going crazy for me , around $200 total so far! :)

  9. Wow , 1st place for May , i can not believe it lol. Most of what i did was try to get some psn cards via generator, i did not know you get so much entries with it. Merci :)

    • yea i was quite surprised too, i read about it a bit and it seams the best way to get psn codes fast is with generator , and who knows , maybe you win at the end of the month as well :P

    • i joined few days ago , only a 10$ psn card for me but i am hoping to get few more these days

  10. William says:

    Hey everyone , my name is Will and i just saw the email that i was among the winners for April. Thanks!!

    • Nice , i was first but i did not do much but join daily giveaways with psn generator , maybe it adds entries when you use it

    • Hey Will, hows psn card generator working for you, did you get more codes with it or with premium giveaway ?

      • William says:

        generator is much better, i love daily giveaway, but dont forget that you get many benefits with getting some entries as well

  11. Cant wait for the April’s monthly draw , i was very satisfied with generator , got 4 codes this month , so i hope i will be among the winners of premium giveaway as well. Good luck guys :)

  12. Hi guys, i didn’t have time to write few days ago but here i am now , i was first in monthly draw :D I am joining for this month now and downloading the generator updates now :)

    • Im glad for you man, i hope i’ll get more codes soon, i only got 20$ one few days ago but i will try again this weekend

    • johnatan says:

      i joined last month at the end and didnt have such luck in premium giveaways , but i got some entries and got few codes with generator , so i am still satisfied :)

  13. Hey everyone, i got 20$ psn code last night and i could not be happier :D , i was wondering if you get much entries before using generator

    • When i first got my 50$ psn code i had about 20-30 entries, i can’t remember exactly but it was not much, it helps a lot for next code that you get though

    • I did not have any entries when i got my 20$ code with generator , but i guess its better if you get some and then try the 50$ codes :D

  14. Mauricio Carias says:

    Hey, I have a question, do you strictly need to participate on daily giveaways to win in the premium giveaway?

    • Hello , no you do not have to , but you will gain entries each time you do . Hope that helps

    • I use generator and its quite good , i managed to get 3 codes last month and i try to get entries as well for the premium giveaway , so its not necessary to join daily but its really good :D

      • I say go for generator, i got about 200+$ in codes last 2 months , whats not to love about that, and i suggest you get some entries so you get even more codes :)

  15. Steamer165 says:

    how do you join the daily giveaways?

  16. Hey everyone , i cant believe i was 3rd in the monthly giveaway!! Together with daily giveaway with generator i got 4 psn codes, awesome !

  17. Where is the link of dowlode of database

  18. I just joined giveaway, i got 1 20$ psn card today :D , i had around 50 entries and i got my code instantly . Thanks !!

  19. thanks guys ! the 2 psn codes that i got are now total of around 200$ that i got including the ones i got with generator as daily giveaway , i will join for february as well , its not too late :D

  20. Do I have to downlode the generator or can I just enter the daily giveaway

    • Hello , generator is used for the daily giveaway , but when you use our Entry tracking tool you will be signed in for the Premium giveaway as well

  21. do i have to download the generator every day.

  22. Olivier89 says:

    Woot!! im just back from school and i got the email that im 1st for November giveaway!! thanks so much, i just redeemed one of my psn codes. I joined at the end of October and i share a quite a bit on facebook and pinterest :D

    • Congratz man, i didnt win in premium giveaway cos i was lazy i guess , i only joined daily with generator but im not complaining, i bought black ops 2 :D

    • Nice man , i was second, i wish i knew how much more entries did you have hehe :D Im good with 2nd place as well, i got more then i hoped for :P im joining the daily giveaway almost every week and its been great as well .

    • I wish i had more entries last month :D, well there is this month as well , i got 1 code from daily giveaway , but i join often, brings a lot of activity points according to my friend :D

  23. does this work in the netherlands as well?

  24. works in mexico?

  25. do the code generators specifically for ps3 work?

  26. Where’s the Daily giveaway ?
    Please Help me !
    I’ve alot of activity but I don’t know even how to “spend” it…

    • The daily giveaway is done via the generator and those activity points will be used to get psn code instantly if you have enough. And you still get to keep those activity points for Premium giveaway. Hope this helps

  27. Nice! after 5 days without much luck i got one 50$ psn code, did anyone get it instantly with activity points maybe?

  28. Sorry for late response guys, i was really busy. im Thomas from London, i won the first prize in the Premium Giveaway, 5 codes of 50$ psn codes!! here is a screenshot of my email if someone wants to look at it .:P
    I can just say Thanks for great giveaways and i will try to participate in daily giveaways more often now. Good luck everyone

    • I had to type but nice screenshot man, i was not so lucky , i only got one 20$ psn code in daily giveaways , but i wasnt very active hehe, you just motivated me :D

  29. Crooks4Life says:

    do you get points for leaving comments about the giveaways also?

  30. hey guys , im Pierre and im one of the Premium winners , got 3 50 euro psn codes. I was at college for the last couple days and i just got home and noticed my email :). Thanks so much i will continue to participate for sure. P.S. can i get iTunes gift card as gift card of choice :P

  31. do i have the chance to win now?

    • Every member has a chance to win , its up to you if you want to join the daily or premium giveaway , or both and its even recommended that you join both since it will benefit from each other.

  32. how do i check my activity points?

  33. Hi , i’d like to know how earn more activities point than 35!! :)

    • hello , every time you join the daily giveaway you get 30 activity points as well , we will think of something else in the next couple days, thanks for suggestion. If you have any other question you can ask it via contact form .

  34. i got me a 20$ psn code last night from yesterdays giveaway :D Cant wait for Premium giveaway announcement

  35. I got one 10$ code just for activity points when i entered today , i shared couple times to get entries. Thanks!!

  36. Thanks for awesome giveaways , i have invited 5 friends and 3 of them even got the psn code and joined the premium giveaway.

  37. is there a winner everyday?

    • yes , some of them make a comment to say they got it but some of them dont , its their choice . Premium Giveaway winners will be announced publicly .

    • i have couple friends that i invited , love the daily giveaway , got 2 codes in that so far , i hope some of my friends or i win in the premium giveaway as well :) Thanks

  38. Awesome giveaways , i got 20$ code in yesterdays daily giveaway, cant wait to see who wins in the Premium :)

  39. i cant wait to see who wins the give away

  40. Richieboi says:

    Hey dude, the winners of the giveaway get the code and notification at the email . I got 2 so far . i dont think you get notification if you dont win for that day , maybe they will include it later as well .

  41. How do we know we’ve won in one of the giveaways?

  42. I just got my 20$ code :) .I love it !!

  43. UGotThePrice says:

    hey i am unable to update the database…………does that mean i cant get the 20$ psn code ?

  44. Joris Balar says:

    i got my 3rd 10$ code last night , im gonna join again . Thanks for great giveaways !

  45. Ron Thomas says:

    Just got a 20$ PSN Code and redeemed it , didnt get it for last 2 days but it was worth it !

  46. Does this work with Mac?

  47. rui peres says:

    I have the PSN account in the UK but I live in Portugal. Can I acquire the points on this site with an email and receive the giveaway on another email?

  48. does it work in the UK?

  49. Does it work in Sweden?

  50. yungmaj20 says:

    hey i downloaded the generator nd when i generate it it says access granted nd 2 click ok 2 get the codes from a sponser server but nothin happens? y is that

  51. I get the psn codes every couple days now , i got quite a bit activity points :)

  52. Uhh when i download it and try to start it, it says error need the .NET framework v0.4 319 thingy so whats that

  53. I just got my first code in the giveaway , Thanks so much , ill continue to participate :)

  54. does the code generator work? Is a code guarenteed?

    • Sure it does work , the code isnt guaranteed because its a giveaway and not a hack , dont think that one of those hack programs works ,cos it doesnt. Here,if you are a active member you will always get bonuses and activity points and advantage in giveaways .I wish you best of luck in the giveaways if you decide to become our member .

    • I usually get some entries and that is just like its guaranteed , i got about 5 codes this month :D

    • maybe the people are lazy to take 5 minutes to share on facebook, tweet or maybe pin it on pinterest. i got about 6 psn codes for total of about 100 bucks, 4 in daily giveaway and 2 in premium :D

  55. Alexander Rovic says:

    i love the new giveaway system , its much better in my oppinion


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