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PSN Code Generator – October 2015

The great thing about Playstation network is that you no longer have to have a PC to intereact with your friends , now you can play your favorite PS3 and PSP games with friends or the PSN community  online . Before we continue with explaining what PSN code generator is lets see what these codes are.

PSN Codes are a virtual currency that can be used instead of credit card to purchase Playstation Games , expansions and downloadable content . Much like the Xbox , these codes can be bought with real money  which is not a very good way since its not free and not all members have credit cards . We are here to discuss a two ways of getting a free cards for PlayStation Network.First is Our  Free PSN Codes Giveaway which is explained later in this post. The Other , for some members more popular way for getting free codes is the PlayStation Network Code Generator or simply PSN Code Generator which is used in daily giveaways.

What is PSN Code Generator and Daily Giveaways?

Much like our Microsoft Points Generator for XBOX 360 , the this generator for PS3 codes is one of the two ways to get gift cards like The Free PSN Card Codes here at . One part of the codes is dedicated to our Premium Giveaways which are given to our most active facebook ,twitter and youtube members for sharing and inviting other members to join the giveaway. More about it later in the post.

But since here at Gift Cards Bay we want all of our members to be able to get the codes they need, even those who don’t have facebook or twitter we came up with the Generator as the software for daily giveaways.Its a simple tool that searches our servers for the the new gift cards which we dedicate to this purpose each day until all the codes are given. There is no hacking of PlayStation involved and all keys are donated by our sponsors. Here you can see how it looks like and download it.

Free PSN Code Generator

 The Generator is Updated Each Day With Dedicated 10$,20$ and 50$ Free PSN Codes

Download PSN Code Generator v2


Updated: October 2015

The new version is of psn card generator v2 is released

  • Updated to v2
  • Mirrors added if you are having trouble downloading database updates from main link
  • Some bugs fixed

Using The New Generator and Participating in Daily Giveaway  :

  1. Download the updated Generator via mediafire link
  2. Update The Database
  3. Choose the amount and get your code
  4. Redeem the codes at the official PlayStation Network – PSN
  5. Join Our Premium Giveaways on Facebook and Twitter and Get Even more codes

Update July 2013 – PSN Code Generator now awards bonus entries for premium giveaway , so using it to get cards , every time it will add activity points increasing your chance to win in monthly draw.

Joining The Premium Giveaway

Free PSN Codes 2013

Another great way of getting codes for Playstation network beside our PSN Code Generator is a our Premium Giveaway for facebook and twitter members as well as those with Google + . By liking and joining our Facebook Page and following us on twitter you get a chance to be a winner of some of the best prizes here at Giftcardsbay . By sharing and being active on our Facebook page and retweeting you will often be rewarded with bonuses by admins giving you advantage over other members at the end of giveaway.

Here you can Enter the Premium Giveaway 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Another Great Feature we have is that if a member that you invited to join gets PSN or any other Gift Card you also get a bonus completely free .

We made some awesome changes the the PSN code generator and not only the cosmetic ones . It now has the new skin and some cool new features . The most important that has to be mentioned is the auto update that is integrated in the new version of it and will automatically update the databases for all the codes in the daily giveaway. The new version also brings the new sponsors and now the members activity plays major role . Joining the premium giveaway from the tool above also gives you entries which are used in the daily giveaway. The more entries you have the more cards you can get and it also gives you more chance to win in the Premium giveaways at the end of the month. Many members prefer to Like , tweet and google + the page before running the generator and that will give them double benefit , for daily and premium giveaway as well . More information can be found on our other post regarding the psn card code generator v2 and everything else regarding how to get your code every day.

So , Using The PSN Code Generator 2013 as well as our other Giveaways and Generators like Microsoft Points Generator and iTunes Gift Card Generator gives you the daily and weekly gift cards , in this case free PSN codes. Here is the wikipedia link if you are interested to read more about Playstation Network store and Gift Cards.

Also , here is a nice video guide as well showing how the first version of our giveaway tool works, the same principle is for the Version 2.

Latest News:

You may have noticed that both daily and monthly giveaways have much more codes since July. This is because we just got new sponsors. This is most notable with psn code generator as it now provides roughly 30% more codes each day.


  1. Ronald says

    i just got the email that i was among the winners of premium giveaway for October , and i joined only 8 days ago! i also got 10 and 20$ code with generator!

  2. patrick says

    Cant wait to see who will win in monthly draw, but even if i do not win i am happy with 70$ total i got with psn code generator

  3. jeremy says

    I got most of my points close to the end of the month, most of them from psn generator and i was 2nd in premium as well :D Thanks!

    • Jose says

      I also wanted to point that out , you get about 30 entries each time you download database for psn code generator.

  4. Andor says

    So last month turned out great for me, i was 3rd in monthly giveaway and got 50$ code, and about 100 with generator.

    • ronny says

      nice, i kinda need some psn codes sooner then later, gonna try generator for now as it worked good for me in the past.

  5. Desire says

    I just wanted to give you quick tip for psn code generator if you like using it like i do. Some people also mentioned that getting few entries helps a lot and you can get more free psn codes that way. I tested it and its true, much better. Have fun :)

  6. William says

    Hi everyone, i was away this whole month but now i’m back and i see the giveaways are better then ever, got one code with generator on my first try . Ill get some entries as well and i hope ill get a code or two in premium :D

    • Anton says

      I second that mate. i won second place in premium giveaways and i can say that i am more then satisfied. I wish you good luck this month, the more people join the more codes there are :D

  7. Michael says

    I still can not believe i was second in monthly draw :D i mostly used generator last month and got some entries so i can get more then one code with it :)

  8. Billy says

    I always get the feeling i get more codes over weekends :D i just got one 20$ code and last weekend i got 60$ total :)

    • jason says

      I mostly use generator and i like it very much , i think i got over 6-7 codes after i joined, i try to get as many entries as well , cos it helps a lot for generator , you get much more codes :D

    • Eric says

      I usually use just generator and it works good for me , i get some entries so i can get more codes and so far its good.

    • alfie says

      i download the generator for the weekend when im back from college and get the new databases , i got 5 cards so far

  9. Garland says

    Im just stopping by to say thanks for the premium giveaway , i got 50$ psn code and a iTunes card which i gave to my sister :) . I also got 2 20$ cards from the generator in daily giveaways and i am really happy with it, Thanks once again and keep it comming

    • Andy says

      Last month i got 10$ psn code but this month when i got around 100 entries i got 3 codes in 3 days , so i definitely recommend getting some entries, generator works great if you have some

  10. Meez says

    I need some help. I downloaded the generator and when it generated the code, it tells me to press ‘OK’ to go to the dedicated server from where I can get the code. I pressed ‘OK’, but nothing happened. I clicked the ‘Visit us’ button, but still nothing except for the cursor showing some kind of a sign for a brief second.

    What do I do?

    • says

      If you are among the winners for daily giveaway you will be contacted via email . you will surely have much better chance if you gained entries

    • says

      Its explained well in the post , there is also a new post regarding changes in v2 version of the giveaways . if you still have questions feel free to ask via contact form

  11. Crooks4Life says

    Hey fellow members Im new to this after reading the comments I wanted to join in what the buzz is about. Im still understanding how this works exactly so dont bash me. Can you still earn points while using smartphone or is this pc only? Do i must be logged on to this site in order to earn points from social sites? How do i earn points referring someone? well basically can someone kindly please explain in details how everything works. what are the do’s & don’ts the everyday routine etc… thanks!

    • says

      Hello , you can use smartphone or tablet for sure , you dont have to be logged in but you can if you want ,every time you share and if someone joins over that link it will be counted as your referral . If you have any more questions ask over the contact form . Hope this helps

  12. Caldie says

    Thanks!! i will try to get some more entries for the Premium giveaway, i love daily giveaway as well , that is the first thing i do when i get up :P

    • Rogge says

      i sometimes get my code instantly if i have activity points and sometimes when the giveaway is over for that day . i got about 5-6 codes in the giveaways.

    • says

      There is a daily giveaway where you can join every day , and there is the Premium one which will end in 6 days for this month and winners announced , then the next one is started :)

  13. Ronsim says

    Hey guys , i just saw the email that i got 20$ psn code !! im going to get some more activity points and i hope ill win in the premium giveaway :D

    • says

      When you like and share all members that join via your link will be your referrals and you will get bonus entries and if they like and share as well than you will be a step closer for winning the premium giveaway since this brings the most activity points .

  14. Mr. Worldwide says

    Hi, the program gets a problem after generating and clicking. I presume it would launch Internet Explorer, which I disabled. Any way of using other browsers at launch? Thanks.

  15. Don Simons says

    Im a proud winner of the 50$ PSN Code today !! Just wanted to say thanks and keep the giveaways running , its great !

    • Mike Thomas says

      I am a member of Giftcardsbay of 5 months now and i won about 6-7 psn codes and about the same for xbox . So i guess it is :)

  16. Johnatan says

    Thanks Giftcardsbay for awesome Giveaways , i got the 20$ PSN code 2 days ago , i am focusing more on a Premium Giveaways now


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