World of warcraft game card generator main window

World Of Warcraft Game Time Generator and Giveaways

World Of Warcraft Game Card Generator and Game Time Giveaways

After quite some time having problems finding the right sponsor for the giveaways and new releases we finally have one of the best sponsors available for the Free World Of Warcraft Gamecard Giveaways . The demand for the wow gamecards has dramatically increased with the latest Expansion Mists of Pandaria and many of our members asked us to host a free wow game time giveaways . In order to distribute the codes evenly among all the members each day and to give everyone a chance we made it like some of our other giveaways as wow game card generator . The name suggests that it is a hack , but its not , its a software that in fact does generate a working 30 days or 60 days free wow game time card but the codes are hosted on a sponsors server and you get the updated database every day to participate in the giveaway .

WoW Gamecard Generator Features :

The new world of warcraft game time generator has the new and updated look of our v2 generators and the auto updating feature . everytime the WoW Gamecard Generator is run it will check for the database updates and notify you about the new database release , after which you can download the updated database from the sponsors server and participate in the giveaways . It will also authenticate you to see if you got the new database update and unlock it for you when you download . That is only to prevent one member from getting all the free wow game time codes after the database is updated and to give the active members higher chance of getting the game time codes . The alternative servers feature is also there for backup if main server is not working and US members can also use it because some of them said it responds better to them . Here are some pictures of the new world of warcraft gamecard generator with the new auto update feature and main window . 

World of warcraft time gamecard generator

World of warcraft gamecard generator auto updater feature

Download The New World of Warcraft Game Card Generator

World of warcraft game card generator

World of warcraft game card generator main window

 Here You can Download the latest version of the wow game card generator and get your free wow game time


Codes Updated:

And Here are the Two 30 Days Free Game Card Codes as a gift from our sponsor, the other codes are loaded in the wow game time generator

  • Free Wow Game Time Code 1 :  9695472389158081699830422
  • Free Wow Game Time Code 2 : 8121933628884839396402464

Whoever Redeems the code first its his.

Instructions for Using the WoW Gamecard Generator

  1. Download from the Button Above
  2. Choose Region and Get the database access for the Free WoW Game Time Cards
  3. After you get it from the sponsors server you can join the giveaway
  4. WoW Gamecards can be redeemed at

How does the Free WoW Game Time Giveaway Work ?

The principle for the giveaways is similar to almost all of our giveaways , the World of warcraft gamecard generator is just here to help both you and us with database updates and to provide security . When you download it you can choose the region , it will check for new updates and you can download the updated database from sponsors server , its simple , free and easy . Supporting the sponsors means a lot to us as it will allow the constant and daily updates of free wow game time codes . The main changes in the v2 giveaways is that the activity of the member now plays a part in our daily giveaway as well , members that are our subscribers , ones that share and like our blog posts are given an advantage in the giveaways , as we sometimes send them the  wow game card codes directly as soon as they join the daily giveaway . Other members are also important to us but they have to wait for the daily giveaway to be over to get the free wow time. Every time you join the giveaway you will get the activity points and even if you dont get the code that day you will have more chance to win the next day if you dont have the facebook , twitter or google + account to gain activity points that way.

Tips for Getting The Activity Points

Since the introduction of the v2 generators members can gain activity points to get the advantage in the giveaways and so is with the World of warcraft game card generator, the best and easiest things you can do to gain activity points are to subscribe for updates and also:

  • Like the page of and post you are interested in on facebook -for example this post ,at the top or in the sidebar
  • Following Giftcardsbay on Twitter 
  • Giving a google +1 recommend and following our google + page
You can also share the page on facebook , tweet about the post and share on other social networks like Digg , StumbleUpon, Pinterest etc.. This will give you significant advantage over other members in terms of getting the free wow game time codes and if you have enough activity points the  World of warcraft gamecard generator will automatically send you a code once you join the daily giveaway . Have Fun and enjoy your free world of warcraft time.


  1. Arnex says

    How awesome is that when you get an email that you got one more game card for monthly giveaway :D I already have my account activated until September with generator :)

  2. Rowan says

    The best thing with generator is that you also participate in monthly giveaway , i just got another gc on my mail :D

    • says

      It was tested by a lot of members and no one had any complaints , the gamecards are bought by sponsors , and its just like if you bought it online.


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